Vital Trading, Pakistan



    Company Profile



       Vital Trading started back in 2011 with our first office at Islamabad. We are a trading company equipped with

       state of the art trading facilities.

       Our efficient and experienced staff renders quality services to our customers.

       Vital Trading is registered with the Government of Pakistan vide Registration No. RF/ ICT/ 9769 0f 2011. Our head office

       is located in Islamabad.



       Vital Trading is a continuously growing company. We are always looking out for the opportunities which we can avail and improve our services.

       We believe in the root cause methodology, knowing the cause of problem and then solving it through effective solutions.




       We have standard and specialized services that differ from client to client.

       We prepare a contract on the basis of the requirements of a customer and then fulfill the requirements as desired by our worthy clients.

       Each and every work to be done is properly documented and confirmed from the client to remove any discrepancies.




       Ensuring that the client’s needs are met is a must. That is why we at Vital Trading communicate continuously

       with our valuable clients through:

  •        24/7 on telephone
  •        24/7 through Online Community – like Emails, Chat software, Message Board etc.
  •        Monthly Comment Cards
  •        Questionnaire’s
  •        Create special events for customers like parties etc.




          There are Three levels of escalation, the highest being each division’s.

  •         Level 3- General Manager.(G.M.)
  •         Level 2 - Managing Director
  •         Level 1- Senior Executive President
  •         Level 0- Chief Executive Officer




       Customer satisfaction is our primary focus that is why we have integrated the Managerial Review meetings at Vital Trading.

       During these meetings effectiveness of the services  rendered is measured and how to sustain our quality of services is discussed. 


        The objectives of Management Review are:


  •        Confirm that goals are met and they are in accordance with the company’s requirements.
  •        Addition to this, they establish that all the functions are achieved according to the standard operating procedures.
  •        Identification of weaknesses and sort the ways for improvements. 
  •        Review the current and future operations and check for the adequacy of the management.
  •        Reviewing the complaints and taking all the necessary corrective actions.